>Our first DVD

Our first DVD

World History DVDWe watched Nanook of the North last night. I’d ordered it from Netflix for Rachel, who has always been fascinated for survival in the icy North. She’s away at camp but David said we should watch it, and what an amazing film it is, a documentary made in an Eskimo community near the Hudson Bay in 1920! Eighty-five years ago.

This reinforced my growing interest in making film part of our reference enterprise. Watching Nanook and his family was simply thrilling, and funny too. In one scene, he docks his kyak (yes, that’s how it was spelled–think how students who kayak would enjoy watching this film) and starts helping his family out. One person after another climbs out, till it starts to look like a magician’s trick. The very last family member to be lifted out is a puppy who looks overjoyed to be free.

We started doing a little filming last year and have a first world history DVD ready now. This is just a beginning, and you can expect to hear more about Berkshire’s multimedia content development in the months ahead.

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