>Libraries, libraries everywhere

Libraries, libraries everywhere

We’re seeing libraries absolutely everywhere these days, now that we’ve begun work on a book about libraries (Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love). Of course libraries are also on our minds because Marcy, Margaux, David, and I are in Chicago for ALA. (We saw–and photographed–several beautiful small New England libraries en route to the airport.)

Wednesday evening we ate BBQ in aid of a library. The Roe Jan Community Library (formerly the Hillsdale Public Library), just over the border in New York State, held its second annual fundraiser at Aubergine, an elegant country restaurant that’s been a landmark on Route 22 for some 30 years.

And yesterday in Chicago I was talking about libraries with my Ghanian taxi driver, who said that librarians should be storytellers. He promised to get me information about the neighborhood library he went to as a child–the beginning of a new book about libraries around the world!

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