>Self-sufficiency considered

Self-sufficiency considered

The Rolling Stone article I mentioned yesterday has got us all talking so much about the human prospect that I have a feeling we’re getting a reputation in Great Barrington as a survivalist cult.

A few days ago we sat at Pearl’s having a drink after work and talking about what to do if global travel becomes impossible. Rachel has always been fascinating by self-sufficiency (she took the U.S. Army Survival & Evasion Manual to camp one summer), and we do grow a little of our own food. But like almost everyone else in the western world, we’ve become complacent about clean water, endlessly and brightly flowing from the tap, car and airplace travel, and all the myriad products and conveniences possible only because energy and water are cheap and abundant.

As ever, we find ourselves weaving together personal interests and global realities in creating new reference projects. This discussion of possible futures and environmental challenges is fruitfully feeding our work on two publications we’ll be announcing soon. (But, as Rachel points out, how can we be sure there’ll be fossil fuels to ship books by then? Another spur to set short publication schedules!)

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