>Batter up!

Batter up!

This week was a blur of activity–getting packets ready for the AP World History teacher workshops that start next week, setting up several cooperative events for ALA Chicago, and working on the strategic plans for our newly formed nonprofit, the Barrington Institute–but the most exciting event was holding the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport for the first time. These four beautiful volumes are leagues better than anything we’ve done before on sports, and the first set actually arrived a couple of days early. Our printers, Thomson-Shore in Dexter, Michigan, are a small town, employee-owned business, and they have been with us every step of the way as we produced our first books. This, number three, is one that has everyone excited. (In fact, it’s so popular that I’m hoping to have a special one-volume Father’s Day edition ready a year from now.)

Ken Breen, who runs the Gale Virtual Reference Library, is such an enthusiast that he picked up the phone and got us an extra-special addition to the sports raffle we’re holding in Chicago, thanks to his friend Peter Orlowsky at Getty Images. Thanks, guys!

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