>Technology innovation in publishing

Technology innovation in publishing

I can’t believe I haven’t yet written about another Berkshire contributor I met for the first time this month. There’s so much to say about Jason Barkeloo that I was waiting till I had a few days at home and could compose under calmer circumstances, but that’s meant too much time passing. (Blogging is a useful goad to a writer like me, someone an editor once called “a stonechipper.” My knack for dealing with late authors is surely due to the fact that I too have great difficulty wrapping up.)

Jason Barkeloo, founder of the Ohio-based Touchsmart Publishing, was a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Leadership, writing on the “Sociobiology of Leadership.” When we were about to publish our first independent title, the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, we wrote to all our past contributors about the launch and offered them, and their libraries, a special discount (something we plan to continue, to show our appreciation for the people who work with us). Jason, to our surprise, bought copies for his entire staff! It turned out that he was in early stages of an exciting high-tech publishing venture, and HCI is a key component of everything he does.

Jason’s background is astonishingly diverse: anthropology, the military, and high school teaching. Berkshire is looking forward to collaborating with Jason, and we’re also now in conversation with several other fascinating IT companies about ways to make our content more accessible online. These connections are, for me, the essence of what publishing really is today: collaboration and connection, building networks of people and ideas. And it’s a delight to have the opportunity to get to know entrepreneurs with the vision and drive to create new ways to bring content to the people who want and need it.

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