>Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

Today is Earth Day 2005, and it’s 35 years since the first Earth Day celebration. The original instigator, now known by the more sedate term founder, was Denis Hayes, who has, I’m happy to say, written this about my new book, The Armchair Environmentalist.

“Environmentalism involves the application of ecological values to human life–including each of our individual lives. This opportunity for personal action is uncommon in social movements. There is little for most of us to do on a personal level to end war, combat nuclear proliferation, or prevent torture. But, The Armchair Environmentalist demonstrates how we can enrich our lives, have fun, and save money while dramatically reducing our ecological footprint.”

There are events around the United States, and elsewhere, today and other the weekend, and you can find them via the Earth Day site as well as local environmental organizations and stores. But on the simplest level, here’s what you can do to celebrate Earth Day:

1. Put your car keys back in your pocket. Just for today, walk or even use this as inspiration to get your bike out and spring-tuned.
2. Choose a vegetarian sandwich for lunch, and avoid beef at suppertime.
3. Get outside, rain or shine: feel the sun and wind, breathe deep, enjoy the beautiful world that we live in!

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