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Leadership launch

One of the most interesting projects we’ve undertake in recent years was the Encyclopedia of Leadership, with Sage Reference as our partner. Leadership is a new interdisciplinary field that often seems a quagmire rather than solid ground on which to sow, or build (apologies for the wild mix of metaphors, something which talking about leadership seems to provoke). One of the articles we were most nervous about was on Emotional Intelligence, because it had become so popularized that we worried about getting an article of scholarly merit. But David Caruso, a research associate at Yale and founder of the EI Skills Group, did a terrific job and his article that was singled out for special praise on a number of occasions.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting David, as the first speaker for the New England Business and Technology Association’s new leadership luncheon series. These are private events, by invitation only to CXO from major Boston area corporations. He presented his subject persuasively, and facilitated a discussion that focused on the emotions related to ethical violations, a complex and relevant topic for those in government today, as well as in business!

I’m the new chair of the NEBATA Leadership Advisory Council, which gives me the exciting task of coordinating, with the mostly Boston-based membership, a variety of events and training related to leadership. Of course I have some publishing plans in the mix, as well, and will be posting more about this new responsibility. It gives me a chance to get to Boston every month and enjoy my friend Anna Sabasteanski’s remarkable meals. Anna is a terrorism expert as well as an extraordinary cook, and now that we’ve begun a publishing project with her, I am going to have to plan extra hours on the recumbent bicycle.

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