>Reaching the finish line

Reaching the finish line

I’m a bit behind with this blog because I’ve landed myself with writing what is probably the last article going into the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport, and it’s all my fault. I kept saying we needed to cover the Ashes and the bodyline series in our coverage of cricket, with the result that I’ve been assigned to write it. It’s a while since I watched a lot of cricket, so I’m struggling to make sure I don’t do anything embarrassing, like refer to a batter instead of a batsman.

We’re all about sports these days, as World Sport is about to go into production, with volumes scheduled for arrival at the end of May. (This is a typical Berkshire schedule, insanely short and much much faster than any of the big established companies. But we’ll do it, and our inhouse and freelance team thrives on the challenge.)

And I have a sports event to look forward to in April. I was planning a trip to Tennessee to meet with Ingrams, and by sheer serendipity received an email on Monday from a long-time and much loved contributor, Becky Clark, asking if we would donate a set of World Sport for a benefit dinner at which Pat Summit, the famous coach of the Tennessee women’s basketball team, would be speaking–in Tennessee, of course! Becky used to play for the Lady Vols.

I’ve arranged my trip so I can attend the dinner and meet Becky (always a treat to meet one of the authors). Since I also coedited the International Encyclopedia of Women & Sports (Macmillan 2001), this is an incredible thrill.

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