>HCI in New York, and across the globe

HCI in New York, and across the globe

I forgot to ask Santa for a camera-phone for Christmas! This hits me now, because we’re on the way into New York and with the right equipment and software I could send a photo of the flags at the UN right to the blog. (In fact, I wonder if I could use text-messaging to post an entry?) As you can see, in spite of publishing the definitive work on human-computer interaction (take a look: BerkshireHCI.com), I haven’t quite mastered HCI. By the way, speaking of both ‘united nations’ and HCI, donating to the Red Cross has become incredibly easy. You can help people suffering in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster by clicking to Red Cross donations. (I came home from work yesterday to find my 16-year-old daughter posting donation links on all her websites. Yes, that’s what she said: “all” her websites. That’s HCI!)

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